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About The Exhibition:


The finale at Kosar Contemporary’s current industrial location in 2020 will bring together the diverse art practices of TAPS core-members, their artistic resilience and ingenuity in the face of a pandemic.


Their fourth collaborative show touches upon the fluidity that is required to stay cohesive. The walls of Kosar Contemporary are about to come down. This current dystopian uncertainty and transience translating to a flat-packed TAPS: Assemble, un-assemble, reassemble; agile, sharp, undulating and reflective. Expect the unexpected.


Curatorial & Technical Support:TAPS

24 participating artists include;

Lisa Scantlebury, Shawn Sobers, Zarabéa Esfendiar Kayani, Robert Luzar, Huma Mulji, Sarah Rhys, Andrew Neil Hayes, Yuko Edwards, Matthew Roy Arnold, Brendan James Arnold , Andrew Brooks, Michelle Forrest-Beckett, John Steed, Anna Haydock-Wilson, Caroline Bugby, James Norman, Beth Luxton, Molly Harcombe, Bryn Fray, Ben Hartley, Annie Lilygreen, Shaun Harrigan, Suzie Walters, Rose Shuckburgh

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Shawn Sobers

Sara Forbes Bonetta

Shawn Sobers is a Bristol based artist, a maker of things, and an Associate Professor of Lens Based Media at the University of the West of England, Bristol, teaching photography, filmmaking, Research Methods, MRes and PhD. Sobers positions his work primarily within the discourses of Anthropology, and within the notion of Small Anthropology, if not in how the work was initially made, then still in how the work is discussed. 


Sara Forbes Bonetta (1843 - 1880) was a West African princess, whose birth name was Omoba Aina. She was captured by the leader of a neighbouring village and rescued by Captain Frederick E. Forbes, and given to Queen Victoria as a gift. The Queen became godmother to Sara's daughter, named Victoria in tribute. In this film Sara is taking up space, refusing to be written out of history. 


This film features actress Nadia Williams, shot on location at Tyntesfield House. 

Brendan James Arnold


Brendan works with printed circuit boards, wiring and electrical components to explore our relationship with technology, mass production, artifice, fabricated realities and social constructs and culture.


He studied Physics for 12 years and has worked with computers since then. He creates artwork in parallel having exhibited in Bristol and London and works from his studio at home. He frequently collaborates with his brother Matthew Roy Arnold who partly fabricated the works on show.


John Steed

Legitimate Sculptures

John Steed’s multi-disciplinary art practice addresses the production of image: the materiality, perception and illusion of projection, and the spectacle of cinema. His work has included projection, performance, print, photography and video.


John graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the University of the West of England in 2016, and is a core member of The Artist Project Space.


instagram: @johnsteedartist


Annie Lilygreen



Durational performance