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About The Exhibition:


The finale at Kosar Contemporary’s current industrial location in 2020 will bring together the diverse art practices of TAPS core-members, their artistic resilience and ingenuity in the face of a pandemic.


Their fourth collaborative show touches upon the fluidity that is required to stay cohesive. The walls of Kosar Contemporary are about to come down. This current dystopian uncertainty and transience translating to a flat-packed TAPS: Assemble, un-assemble, reassemble; agile, sharp, undulating and reflective. Expect the unexpected.


Curatorial & Technical Support:TAPS

24 participating artists include;

Lisa Scantlebury, Shawn Sobers, Zarabéa Esfendiar Kayani, Robert Luzar, Huma Mulji, Sarah Rhys, Andrew Neil Hayes, Yuko Edwards, Matthew Roy Arnold, Brendan James Arnold , Andrew Brooks, Michelle Forrest-Beckett, John Steed, Anna Haydock-Wilson, Caroline Bugby, James Norman, Beth Luxton, Molly Harcombe, Bryn Fray, Ben Hartley, Annie Lilygreen, Shaun Harrigan, Suzie Walters, Rose Shuckburgh

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Robert Luzar

Robert Luzar is an artist, writer and educator living in Bristol, UK, interested in how works deal with ‘tracing’ different forms of 'event'. This event is different to the so-called process art, along with trace as mark-making and recording, so valued in art today. Approaching the event not merely as––’marking’ or ‘recording’––what happens but as a kind of space and body of tracing changes in form, condition and drive. Robert Luzar was born in Slovenia, raised in Canada, and having lived in the UK for over a decade, his life has been shaped by questions of change, subjectivity and dispossession. In other words, where and what’s meant by the ‘first place’, home or origin? Who creates, who works, who exists?


More deeply, Luzar is interested in a principle of change called 'multiplicity'. This basically deals with working through many different approaches, a multiplicity of disciplines––unconventional drawings, painting, live-art, performance, video, telematic works, and projection technology.  With viewers, Luzar tries to present and share conditions that appear abstract (points, lines, planes, shadows) and concrete (space, the present, gravity, rhythm, action, decision, and image).

Anna Haydock-Wilson

Anna Haydock-Wilson is an artist, filmmaker and producer, specialising in arts activities and events within communities.

Her work brings people together, explores social and environmental realities, delights in creative processes and helps to amplify the voices of lesser heard people. Most of her projects and commissions are collaborative and cross many media.


Anna studied fine art sculpture and media at the Slade School of Fine Art and a masters in Independent Film and Video at the School of Media (UAL) in London in the 1990s. In 1998 she set up Little Fish Films, an independent video company working with public sector and arts clients and has worked with young people and community groups all over London.


Since 2008 Anna has produced many socially engaged arts and community projects and commissions in Bristol including Art under the Flyover, HighWaterLine Bristol, Sharing Communities, Peaceful Portway and Art within the Cracks. Finding Common Ground, linking communities and seeking civic equality along Bristol’s waterways, is her latest collaboration in development with community based artists. 


A firm believer in the power of collaboration, Anna is a proud member of TAPS as well as a Bricks Bristol artist and Spike Associate.


Shaun Harrigan

Shaun works currently in inks and graphite, with some use of screen print and relief print techniques.

Work is in response to the immediate environment and starts as sketches which are then developed looking at line, colour and texture and their relationship to each other. The end result looks to evoke a feeling of the original place and time.

Shaun grew up in and has shown in South London and now lives in South Bristol. He is a studio holder at TAPS studios and is a member of The Artist Project Space.

See work at:


See also:


Yuko Edwards

Yuko Edwards is a photographer, documentarian, and mixed media artist.


Her work addresses how concepts of self and social identity are experienced and expressed in specific places and times while exploring social, political, and economic realities.


She lives and works in Bristol, England.

Instagram: @yukoedwards

Lisa Scantlebury

Lisa Scantlebury is an itinerant artist with strong public outreach. She explores site and utility, and takes a questioning approach to delve into the role of an object, its aesthetic and utilitarian functions, and how it operates in the world.


Born in Essex, Lisa grew up next to the clay pits in South Ockendon, the London clay was mixed into a slurry and pumped under the Thames to the cement works in North Kent. Privet bushes were her primary source of entertainment, and she would jump into the dense foliage and enjoy how it caught her impression.


Later Lisa studied Ceramics at Cardiff Institute where one of the projects was to dig up clay from her home town and research it.


As I write, I draw, as I draw, I write


Lisa has recently had a solo show at Test Space, Spike Island and was selected to show at the ‘167 Annual Open’ and ‘Sculpture Open’ RWA Bristol, and she is currently an RWA Academician candidate 2020. Lisa is also co-director of Plenderleith Scantlebury Fine art fabricators based at Spike Island, Bristol.

Lisa lives and works in Bristol.


Rose Shuckburgh

Rose Shuckburgh is a Bristol-based artist whose practice encompasses painting, drawing, printmaking and film. Her recent work depicts a personal and emotional response to place, centring around the experience of the lone figure isolated within their surroundings, and the energy created from two forms meeting.


This push and pull between isolation and connection is a constant dialogue throughout her work. Upon spending time in the natural landscape, with standing stones, or rock or land formations moulded over time, she felt that she was in the presence of another body, one that was filled with the memories and emotions of that place.


Moving between representation and abstraction, these forms and the human figure are depicted as vessels of feeling, placed within a charged stillness. Shuckburgh draws inspiration from her own memories and experiences, and from the place she grew up in The Elan Valley, Wales.

chapter 03

Caroline Bugby

Caroline’s work celebrates everyday experiences, such as cooking an egg or finding a piece of broken pottery in the ground. She makes sculpture and installation that encourage contemplation of the richness of reality, by playfully abstracting and disordering ordinary objects and allowing them their own grand, absurd narratives.


Until very recently Caroline has lead a largely nomadic artistic life; from living in an artist colony in upstate New York, to studying for her MFA in North Carolina, and participating in residencies from Vermont to Brittany to Barcelona. She moved to Bristol in September this year.


Social Media/ Website



James Norman

James Norman is a graduate of The Bristol School of Art and the UWE Fine Art department. He currently is a Spike Associate, a member of TAPS (The Artists Project Space) and has a studio at BV studios Bedminster. He has exhibited extensively in Bristol and beyond. He has a mixed media practice involving photography, words, paint, sound and film. His ideas emanate from his social and philosophical enquiry. Norman’s aim is to keep his practice fluid where life is triumphant. 


Work can be viewed:  


Sarah Rhys 

Sarah Rhys is a multi-disciplinary artist currently living in Bristol who is interested in making site specific installations. Her work involves reinterpretation of landscape, folklore and transformation of material. Sarah has a studio at Spike island, is a Spike Associate and member of TAPS

Sarah recently exhibited at The Centre of Gravity, Bristol showing a collaborative work called ‘In Free Fall’, her ‘Dust Tapes’ was included in the publication ‘Place: Soapworks’ 

Sarah gained an MFA Bath Spa University 2004 and Post Graduate Diploma in Multi -Disciplinary print from University of West of England, Bristol 2013


Studio 40 Spike island

insta:  sarah.rhys

Curatorial & Technical Support: TAPS


360 documentation: Magnetic North Design Studio 

Web support: Cedric Bousquet


Photos courtesy of Kosar Contemporary 


Documentation courtesy of Ben Hartley and Zarabéa Kayani


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(twitter) @tapsinitiative

@Kosar Contemporary  #kosarcontemporary

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