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Restless Linings Exhibition Programme

Artist Contributions & Workshops:

Each day, during exhibition opening times, Luzar, Burgoyne, O’Donnell and Graham will alternate each other inviting the audience to engage with their work through collaborative approaches to drawing, performance and video.

Free to all. No booking is required in general. Please check for specification below.  


PROGRAMME (dates in brackets indicate when the artists are present in the gallery)


Week 1

Fri 1st  Nov - Sat 2nd Nov 2019

Robert Luzar  ‘Demonstrations’

Lucy O’Donnell  ‘Partly Present Mother’ 


Week 2
Wed 6th Nov - Sat 9th Nov 2019

Robert Luzar (6, 7, 8)‘Demonstrations’
Greig Burgoyne (7, 8) ‘Ball Drawings’ and ‘Walkabout’ 

Lucy O’Donnell (7, 8)  ‘Partly Present Mother’



Week 3

Wed  13th Nov - Sat 16th Nov 2019

Robert Luzar (13, 14, 15, 16) ‘Demonstrations’

Joe  Graham (14, 15, 16) ‘Power Diagrams’


Week 4
Wed 20th Nov - Fri 22nd Nov 2019

Robert Luzar (21, 22nd Nov) ‘Demonstrations’

Joe Graham (22)  ‘Power Diagrams’
Greig Burgoyne (22)  ‘Ball Drawings’

(22)  * Workshop  ‘Open gestures/ fluid spaces'

(Booking is suggested for this workshop)

Partly Present Mother

Lucy O'Donnell

creates works that interrogate the maternal by considering a ‘partly present mother’. Using sound and paper she narrates the human condition through drawings that trace relationships between herself and her daughter. Audiences are invited to trace their own shadows into these drawings.


Ball Drawings  (Studio Study)

Greig Burgoyne

 contributes with two works that use video and live-art performance that push processes, rules and strategies to the absurd and, even, the pathetic.

Both works invite collective collaborations with the artist group, and further invite participations from audiences. A special live-art performance of one of the works developed during the exhibition will be presented on November 22nd during the closing event. 



Greig Burgoyne

Burgoyne's contribution will be followed by a second activity, exploring space and movement, how to make space and what is it indicative in that moving and activation. Drawing also makes spaces, this is by extensions through the body and its actions. For this second activity, we will be walking and measuring space, then exploring what happens when we re-follow it as intrusions. Logic becomes paradoxical and where we think we will stay becomes anything but true. This will culminate in a choreographed performance with all participants.


Robert Luzar

Luzar shows three works. ‘Demonstrations’ are live performances from videos made for YouTube. Audiences are invited to work with Luzar who will start by - and then let audiences lead onto - showing ambiguous actions, which can appear either as militant protests or non-performative DIY tasks. These works first appear on the Internet as ‘how to’ videos, which parody DIY - with undertones of political demonstrations, showing audiences step-by-step actions, using subtitles to outline possibilities of changing the work.

Power Diagrams


Joe Graham

Graham facilitates direct audience participation in a work called Power Diagrams. A diagrammatic form of drawing that translates various kinds of data - that audiences are invited to contribute - into circular forms linked by a line. Graham's contribution enables Restless Linings to visualise certain forms of time. To gather data, questionnaires will be offered to audiences, who will also be invited to manipulate pendulum devices that draw diagrams onto the gallery walls.

Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 09.32.28.png

 Kosar Contemporary is pleased to announce our next exhibition Restless Linings, featuring performances, experimental drawings, videos and ephemera by Robert Luzar, Greig Burgoyne, Lucy O’Donnell and Joe Graham. 

 Restless Linings is an exploration of the concepts of ‘precarious labour’ and ‘collective social change’ through experimental drawings presenting the following;

 ‘Demonstrations’ by Robert Luzar

 ‘Partly Present Mother’  by Lucy O’Donnell 

 ‘Power Diagrams’ by Joe Graham

 ‘Ball Drawings’ and ‘Walkabout’  by Greig Burgoyne who will also lead a workshop  ‘Open gestures/ fluid spaces' , 4 -6 pm on Friday 22nd November. 

Participation: We welcome you to participate in various drawing activities for its duration at Kosar Contemporary as this experimental evolving exhibition will happen socially, engaging with the audience while the artists will work on site. Live-art performances, videos, installations and ephemera will shift 'drawing' from the familiar (works-on-paper, paperwork) over to certain stages of uncertainty. 

 Themes of economic uncertainty, or “precarious labour” will act as a background to open up conversations around temporary jobs, reserve labour and debt as many ways of describing precariousness, which is very much a common struggle within the horizon of social and structural change flickering somewhere beyond.

 Closing Event: As the exhibition will change and evolve throughout its duration; a closing event will take place on Friday, 22nd November, to celebrate the experimental nature of this exhibition. This event will be free for all to attend. 

Curated by Laura Bottin and Béa Kayani.

Exhibition Concept: Lucy O'Donnell, Grieg Burgoyne, Robert Luzar, Joe Graham

This exhibition is supported by Bath Spa University, York St John University and UCA Farnham. 

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