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Kosar Contemporary 

4 Little Paradise | Bedminster BS3 4DD

Instagram |  Facebook  @kosarcontemporary



We are moving

Our time in Bedminster at the current venue has come to an end.


Onwards to new beginnings! 


We have a fantastic surprise up our sleeves to feed your cultural appetite during the lockdown. We couldn’t invite public to “TAPS Now” - our last exhibition in this venue. However, we have recorded it and created a virtual exhibition to be released 20-22nd November 2020.  


A massive thanks to all involved. 


Andrew Neil Hayes has created a short video that outlines our journey from conception to being hugely appreciated by our community. We are humbled and look forward to creating more dynamic, inclusive,  diverse, cutting-edge exhibitions and cultural events supporting our thriving artist community in new and experimental ways. 

Video here: Sound On 💥

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